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enabling the vision impaired to be self-reliant . . . enabling libraries to easily serve their needs . . . with low-cost software & training



Breaking NEWS!

You can now listen to books  with Adobe Digital Editions 1.8.2 and higher!

Click here for Video instruction on Registering for access to the Training Center!

No Network?  No Problem!


Your patrons can now read books using Adobe Digital Editions, Surf the Web, create and access Gmail and create and access their Facebook accounts all from a USB drive!


We Make Training EASY    - Your patrons can train themselves!


In as little as 3-4 hours, (if you choose to do the training) you can be ready to assit your new vision impaired library patron who is eager to read, learn and grow! Nothing else is required! You can use the computers you already have!


Best of all, YOU don't have to do train any patron - they can do it for themselves!  As a matter of fact, the only thing you and your staff need to do is 'log' the user into the Training Center and print out the Quick Start Guide for easy reference for you and your staff!  (An online version is available for the VIP so they can read its contents with the screen reader.)


When you purchase this software, you get immediate access to the Training Center.  There your IT personnel can download and install the software.  If you have limited IT or network access you can receive the sotware on portable USB drives (extra charges may apply) for immediate use by you and your patrons. No installation is necessasry with the exception of Dolphin Easy Reader.  After your purchase, you, your staff and patrons can watch the training videos and have unlimited access 24/7.


The training videos provide step by step instructions for the vision imaired to easily get on the computer using a screen and web browser, surf the net, create a gmail account, send and receive email, create a Facebook account as well as use Facebook. They will also learn how to read Digital Talking Books and access the Gutenberg Library.







What You Get:


The Training Center will provide acess  to software, handouts and guides that will provide:



Training Software

Access to Training Center Videos

Step by step tutorials

Quicksart Guide

Resource Management Tools

Dolphin Easy Readerâ„¢ *

Skype/e-mail/phone support



How it works:

1. Press "Buy Now" Button, below.

2. Register

3. Pay by credit card or PayPal

4. Login to acces download link and     Training Center


Immediate Download

* 4.5% Sales Tax - VA

Includes up to

3 USB drives.

(plus Shipping & Handling)

Click here for Exclusive Vision Impaired Registration. $99.95

VIP Scholarship Fund

When you make a donation, you are helping a Vision Impaired Person receive their own USB drive with the Software and a lifetime access to the Training Center.

* Dolphin EasyReader is an accessible software ebook reader, allowing users to read and listen to content through a combination of text, speech and images. EasyReader can be used by absolutely anyone who enjoys reading books with highlighted text and speech. EasyReader is ideal for readers with blindness, low vision, dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities. EasyReader is also ideal for use in schools and libraries to empower readers to access a wider reading world.


















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