enabling the vision impaired to be self-reliant . . . enabling libraries to easily serve their needs . . . with low-cost software & training


It's EASY when you have the right tools! ● It's even EASIER from a USB drive! ● It's as EASY as checking out a book!


We offer around the clock, year round online support that provides instruction & training designed for you, your staff and the vision impaired.


Software, Training Videos, Quick Start Guide and a "User Guide for the Sighted" will have your vision impaired patron checking out a digital book and reading it online, in no time...      by themselves!

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VIP Scholarship Fund*



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Blind woman visits public library for the first time in 13 years since losing her vision.She now can check out a book on a USB driven screen reading software and listen to it anywhere.

Vision impaired College student can now go to any library, public or on campus and get on the internet, do Facebook, gmail, checkout and read a digital book all from her USB driven screen reading software.

* VIP Scholarship Fund

When you make a donation, you are helping a Vision Impaired Person receive their own USB drive with the Software and a lifetime access to the Training Center.


A Special thanks to the Lions Club for supporting this project!